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About ME.

A Cycling Enthusiast. PC: Avinash

Hello I am Avishek Behera. I am a Software engineer by profession. This website is just a representation of different aspects of my life with what I love doing and if at all it inspires someone out there else it always keeps me motivated to keep track of my memories and achievements.

PC: Satyam Panda

I am a cycling enthusiast, a fitness freak, passionate about photography, love to go outdoors and to live adventurous life. I prefer to maintain a basic lifestyle which fulfills my need, focus more on fitness, exploring places, meeting new friends , network with like minded people, enjoy with what I have. I am scared to live with materialistic people, as I do not fit in there.

“Doing something which inspires myself to do more as well as encourages others to do”– My Mantra of Life.

An Adventurous Person: PC: Unknown

Life is an adventure. So live it like one.

Indulging myself into adventures to get a different taste of life. A great detox to current messy digital world. Away from routine job life.

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