Rest assured : Bypassing SSL certificate

While working with API testing, we encounter SSL certificate error in testing environment. It results into below error while executing automation script. PKIX path validation failed: signature check failed Here is a way to bypass checking for SSL certificate while Rest assured call.Rest assured has inbuilt option and we do not have Continue reading

Javascript Frameworks: Mocha vs Jasmine vs Cucumber vs Serenity/JS

Javascript has been enabling browsers for years. NodeJS brought it to the server side. TypeScript has wrapped familiar object-oriented, statically-typed syntax around it. Anywhere you look, you’ll find Javascript: on the client, server, mobile, and embedded systems. These are three most common testing frameworks used in JavaScript based automation frameworks.Jasmine , Mocha , Cucumber , Continue reading

Javascript: What is package.json in any node JS project?

This post is taken from LinkedIn What is package.json in any node JS project? package.json is the heart of any Node.js project. Every Node JS project should have this file at the root directory. This file contains: • All the packages/modules needed for a Node JS project and their requested versions. • Several different directives Continue reading