Job interview tips: 1

If you are going to MESS UP at Interview, don’t let it be for one of these reasons!

7 Basic INTERVIEW Mistakes:

I have made a few in my time!
Which ones are YOU guilty of?

  1. Arriving late.
  2. Inappropriately dressed.
  3. Unfamiliar with your own CV/Resume content.
  4. Only skimmed through the job description and requirements.
  5. Haven’t thoroughly researched ALL aspects and angles of the company.
  6. Over-caffeinated.
  7. Haven’t switched your cell phone off.

Why is it important NOT to make these mistakes?
You will have messed it up, before they even ask you a single question!

The solution?

You got the chance to interview! Don’t risk a job because you failed to pay attention to the little, but very important details!

When opportunity knocks, be ready to open the door!
Do you agree?

Credit: Kirsty Bonner (LinkedIn)
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