Session with”Dr Jack Daniels” – Shared by Raja Marut

I was impressed by the post shared over whatsapp by a friend (Rakesh Bhat – An endurance Runner) of mine and I thought to pin it down here as a post.
Most of such great share get lost in chats and we forget the benefit of it.
Unless we remember and implement it with practice we never get to have the benefit of such great advice.
Credit goes to “Raja Marut” for summarizing it.

Session with”Dr Jack Daniels”
Summarized by Raja Marut

Dr Jack Daniels is Rated as one of the world’s best coaches and is 85 years young man !!
My Friends got an opportunity to attend his session. It was an awsome session . I have tried to write down all that I could remember for the benefit of our group members… However, I might have also missed on many points . Some of the points from my memory are :-

  1. Running efficiency depends on
    ∆ Breathing efficiency
    ∆ Economy of strides
    ∆ Body movement
    ∆ Weight
    ∆ VO2 max,
    ∆ Physiology of the person.
    ∆ Psychology or mental toughness of a runner.

√ He also said VO2 max is not the whole n only key.

  1. Speed can be increased either by:-
    ∆ Weight reduction
    ∆ Or by increasing volume of oxygen intake.
    ∆ However Weight reduction has a limit. Too much weight reduction is a disaster as muscle mass dwindles . Be careful here .
  2. Sleep and rest are most important. Never compromise on these.
  3. Training for consecutive two days and then resting is preferred over alternate day training. But no harm caused in doing alternate day training . Depends on how your body responds to it .
  4. Rest well rather than over train. Over training always follows the principle of law of diminishing returns.
  5. He also classified running into various alphabets..
  • *E,M,T,I and R

E run or Easy run : Almost 40% of weekly mileage

M run or Marathon Pace run: Almost 35% of weekly mileage

T run or Lactate Threshold Run: 10% of weekly mileage at 85% of max HR

I run or Interval run: 10% of weekly mileage.(Rest interval should be slightly less than running time. Running time cannot exceed 4 min.)

R run or Repetition Run: 5% of weekly mileage. This is the fastest run, you have to touch max HR. Recovery in this case cannot be same for all and has no fixed formula. It cannot be determined by time but it has to be full recovery. (Thus, running time will be less than resting interval time,)

  1. Hemoglobin should be between 14-16% (for both male and female runners), if less, speed will suffer. An increase of 1% in Hb will give a 40 sec advantage. But If level is more than 16%, the blood tends to be viscous or thick and finds it difficult to transport oxygen. So that’s also not advisable . It hinders running performance .
  2. Speed can be increased by 2×2 breathing. Left and right strides for inhale and left and right strides for exhale. This is the breathing rate.
  3. Daniel said not to waste time on road, instead, it is better to take rest and sleep.
    If you set on road, define the purpose of that particular run. Accordingly, go for the running drill. Without purpose or goal, RUNNING is of no use if u don’t know your purpose or goal . Each to his own .
  4. Also spoke about the most imp ingredients of running .. motivation, mental strength and most importantly FOCUS.
  5. Above all he said running is a part of life . Don’t give up on your social life because of running . Don’t miss b’days and anniversaries . Don’t stop meeting friend’s because u have a run scheduled.
    If you do this u defeat the whole purpose of life .

Hope it’s helpful for all of us.

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