QA vs Tester

Recently I came across a great article by Roman Savin from
Amazingly and simply explained the difference between QA and Tester.
Note than QA and Tester is interchangeably used in today’s Testing world, but there is a difference and it makes a lot of sense.


A certain Mr. G. realized one day that his life was boring and uneventful, so he left his wife and their little son. In order to spice up his existence, he moved to another city and started all over. Many years passed. One day his ex-wife calls him and asks him to influence his twelve-year-old son who has started to smoke, has been caught at the movies ditching math class, and has made several futile yet confident attempts to kiss his neighbor Jessica. The situation appears to require a father’s firm hand.

The QA approach would be if ex-husband never left his wife and raised their son, trying to prevent bad seeds in son’s behavior.

The testing approach occurs when the ex-husband

  • compiles a list of issues like: “actual: movie; expected: math”
  • locks the little rascal in a mountain cabin, limiting his spiritual and sexual life to French literature of XIX century
  • hires private tutors who are supposed to look at the list and mold the boy to make sure that all the issues on the list are dealt with

Brain positioning

The purpose of QA is to prevent bugs

The purpose of testing is to find and address bugs that have not been prevented


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