Selenium IDE: A quick and handy tool to get started with test automation

Reference: Please visit this awesome tutorial on Selenium IDE. How to run selenium IDE scripts in command line: 1- Make sure npm is installed To check npmnpm -g -v (if installed it will show the version) To install it , download it from internet and install as executable in windows 2- Make sure below node Continue reading

API: Serialization using Builder pattern ( lombok) in rest assured

References: Ignoring NULL (optional field) while making POJO:Option 1 : (Recommended) To add in class [email protected](JsonInclude.Include.NON_NULL)* This is best suitable while using Lombok and builder pattern Option 2 : To add in Getter level @JsonInclude(Include.NON_NULL)* This is only suitable while using without lombok and only with builder pattern Error: Lombok 1.18.12 does not Continue reading