Selenium IDE: A quick and handy tool to get started with test automation


Please visit this awesome tutorial on Selenium IDE.

How to run selenium IDE scripts in command line:

1- Make sure npm is installed

  • To check npm
    npm -g -v (if installed it will show the version)
  • To install it , download it from internet and install as executable in windows

2- Make sure below node dependencies are installed, if not install

  • To check for selenium-side-runner
    npm list -g selenium-side-runner
  • To install
    npm install -g selenium-side-runner
  • To check for chromedriver
    npm list -g chromedriver
  • To install
    npm list -g chromedriver

3- Download the chromedriver exe matching to the version of the chrome browser installed in system. and place it in a folder of your choice

4- Set path to the chromedriver exe
set path=%path%;C:\Users\username\seleniumFolder

5- Once done run below command
selenium-side-runner /path/to/your-project.side

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