Health: How to choose water purifier

There are tons of water purifiers in market with lots of options and it really makes it too hard to choose best one for yourself.

It is not the price or types of water purifier that makes it hard, it is the false claims and marketing tricks that makes one confuse to pick the right one.

If you think , consuming water is one of the critical point of our health and we must find a good solution to it. It directly impacts on health.
Ignoring it will lead to serious health conditions.

Lets remember the old times, how we used to consume water naturally.

  • In old times people used to store pond water(clean pond) and store in vessels made with mud and filter it using a clean cloth
  • There were copper or steel vessels widely used to store drinking water, as it helps in adding minerals and keep water hygenic
  • There were also sources of water from water pump, well etc

But now a days it is almost impossible to consume in the same style, because due to the new modernization and industrialization, water quality has been drastically changed and became more contaminated with lot of hard particles and chemicals and bio organisms.

Therefore having a water filter is must, but which one?

I have done some study and narrowed down few important points that we must keep in mind when we invest on water purifier.

  1. Source of water/TDS : Determine the source of water and its TDS level.
    As per WHO, human can drink upto 500 TDS water . Read it here
    Having TDS up to 500 does not mean it is bad, it means it has many dissolved particles in water like minerals which are essentials for our body. RO makes it to almost 20-50, which is not good for health in a long run as it lacks minerals. WHO does not recommend RO having TDS below 150. Read it here
  2. Filter type: Now it is the crucial part
    – Check this amazing video , which has great explanation :
    – So basically lot of layers and filters are marketing terms, less of such additional layers would not only give you less maintenance cost.
    – We should be looking for one of these based on water source( from the sequence of low to high tds :
    Gravity based filter , UF , UF+UV , NF+UV , RO + UV.
    – Do not fall for TDS / MTDS / Alkaline / Mineral based etc… those are mainly for marketing and make more complicated.
    – Be careful on choosing , stainless steel water tank, and stainless steel UV filter as most companies give plastic based, which is not hygienic for long run.
  3. Cost:
    – Do not compromise on cost, do not buy cheap filter having cheap filters.
    – Spend money on stainless steel tank and UV filter
    – Spend money where you have low maintenance, means less stages of filtration , less complex technologies
  4. Brands:
    – Go for indian brands if possible, as it helps our economy
    – Choose a brand that you know filters and catridges are easily available
  5. Service and maintenance:
    choose one that can be cleaned or filter replacement can be done by you , thus saving cost of maintenance .
    – I highly recommend taking a look at this
    – This start up has brilliant products and they help you choose good one and can be easily installed by you or help of local technician.

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