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About ME.

A Cycling Enthusiast. PC: Avinash

Hello, I am Avishek Behera.

I am a passionate cyclist ( a crazy one 🙂 ) who loves to ride long distances ( Blame my cycling buddies for that 😛 ), sometimes cycle to work, weekend rides, participate in weekly / monthly challenges . I also keep switching between different fitness activities like running , weight training to keep myself fit and enjoy the fit life.
Find me on Strava here.

PC: Satyam Panda

I am also passionate about photography. I love to click candid moments , outdoors. Love making some videos too. Sometimes I team up with Satyam Panda ( Memories By Satyam ) for professional shoots like pre-wedding , kids portraits etc.
Find me on Instagram ( @av_i_shek here )

An Adventurous Person: PC: Unknown

Life is an adventure. So live it like one – Anonymous

I like to Indulge myself into adventures to get a different taste of life. A great detox to current messy digital world. Away from routine job life.

I work as a Senior Software Engineer in Software testing. Working towards delivering a quality product for the customers by building solid Quality infrastructure and process with help of automation tools.
For me LinkedIn is a great source of inspiration and learning where I spend most of my time to read and engage in Testing related topics.
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